In projects with a large number of participants who bring in different tasks and interests, an overarching project control for the processes as well as the project participants is indispensable.

Shaped by years of application and constant optimisation in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Preuß*1) , tools and processes have been developed that are now tried and tested in practice and are considered standard.

In addition to the tools, the personal commitment and passion for achieving the set project goals is decisive.

Agile project management with active leadership of the project team is only possible through communication and motivation.


The division of tasks into the areas of action:

A.Organisation, information, coordination, documentation

B.Qualities and quantities

C.Costs and financing

D.Deadlines, capacities and logistics

E.Contracts and insurances

The areas of action for each of the 5 project phases:

1.project preparation


3.preparation for execution

4. execution

5. project completion


*1) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Preuß is head of the AHO expert commission “Project Control/Project Management”.