The project is a unique process consisting of a set of coordinated and directed activities with a start and end date, carried out to achieve a goal that meets specific requirements, subject to constraints of time, cost and resources.

The origin of the term “project” is derived from Latin proiectum, which means “that which is thrown forward” (substantive part. perf. neuter of “proiacere”).

We are PROIECTUM because we put the project goal first, supervise the project, help to develop the design, advise the client and ultimately orient our actions accordingly. In doing so, we focus on deadlines, costs and quality.

Our office is divided into four main areas:

1. Carrying out needs analyses and feasibility studies for project/ or product developments for existing building owners and the resulting representation of the building owner within the framework of technical project management.
2. Project management and project control according to AHO
3. Technical due diligences (TDD)
4. Architect:inside services according to HOAI

Our team consists of architects, interior designers and business people.